Research 101: Multi-Dimensional Segmentation


The complexity of travel as a consumer product means there are a multitude of ways to segment a travel market, each of which is useful to different end-users.

As explained in the post entitled Research 101: Multi-Dimensional Segmentation, the segmentation scheme cannot inform all concerns; more and more destinations find they need to develop a multifaceted understanding of their consumer. As such, for tourism markets, we typically recommend a multi-dimensional segmentation approach to serve the varying needs of marketers, advertising agencies, product developers, tour operators, and other industry end-users.

Research 101: The Five Levels of Market Measurement

For tourism, many of the applications of market measurement relate to the size of the pleasure travel market (overall) and the potential market for the specific destination.

There are five levels to determining market potential for a destination, each explained in the post entitled Research 101 - The Five Levels of Market Management.